Good Stuff: The Life Engineered

26494475When the protagonist achieves Nirvana within the first few pages, you know you’re entering a story that’s goin’ places. When the first words a hero  hears after rebirth into physical life are “Brace yourself” you know the ride is going to be exciting.

J.F. Dubeau has created a post-human universe of gods, engineered life-forms tasked with repairing a damaged, uninhabitable galaxy while we hibernate in safety. Dagir is born into a lush universe, a vivid and thrilling trans-human society – and into instant calamity. She is quite literally made-to-order and unleashed barely in time to respond to a civil war that is staggering in its bredth and suddenness, though the causes for it are rooted in human programming written hundreds or thousands of years before.

If you’re looking for a fast pace and a grand scale (and that’s my bag, baby), you won’t be disappointed with The Life Engineered.


Good Stuff: The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

100k kingdomsStunning.

Was this her first novel? I think so. I dunno, but I should find out. But here’s an author who took every trope of common fantasy, tossed them out, and made something purely new.

“There’s nothing new under the sun!”

Phah! Get stuffed. This story was new, at least new to me. A tale of political palace intrigue… but so much more! Yeine enters the theater of global leadership unprepared, bewildered, a lamb in a den of wolves (her relatives) and chained – but still mighty and terrifying – gods. The fast pace and vivid, immersive voice pulled me in and lit my imagination. I didn’t want to reach the end, but I didn’t want to stop reading. The grand reveal floored me, set this entire wracking epic as a mere starting point. But I’m forced to wonder – with where this tale ends, what crazy heights of imagination, what strange journey does Jemisin have in store for us? And are we equipped for the ride??