It’s contest time, fans and friends. Time to put your name up in lights!

But first, a little housework.

Now onto the juicy story! I’m going to re-name George after one of you! Yep, there are two protagonists in Beneath White Clouds, and one of you gets to be him/her. I can’t take this to the presses with the guy named George. If you can’t guess why, you’re too young. Let’s just say that the name “George” is just a little too close to the mark. So I’m going to rename him after one of you.*


Anyone to place a super-reader order (3+copies ordered) by Sunday, Oct 2nd (by midnight pacific time), will have their names put into a randomization engine (which may or may not be a hat). One of the lucky ones will be selected to have George re—named after them.

Now you might wonder, “What if the winner’s name is totally feminine, like Samantha or Kisha or something?”

Well, then, it’ll be time for a social experiment of sorts. George is written as a male. If I end up with a feminine name for him, then he’ll go “under the knife”, so to speak.

I’ll change all pronouns and references to match his new gender, and might have to adapt a few gags, but otherwise I’ll leave his/her character, dialogue, behavior all the same.

That’ll be interesting to see, won’t it? Get those orders in – all supporters will be acknowledged in the book, but only one of you will get to be this guy:

I mean, srsly, who wouldn’t want to be that guy? Looks like one happenin’ dude right there. Guy’s got it going on.

*:  If you win, and your name happens to be George, we’ll figure something out. Re-name George after your Mom or Goldfish or something.


SKUGG SMASH! – the Summer sale at Smashwords

coverJuly marks the annual Smashwords Summer Sale. From now until July 31st, you can acquire some great ebooks at deep discounts in any ebook format.

I’ve put my novel, “BREAK!” into the sale. If you don’t know, it’s a fantasy. There’s adventure, trauma, music, old magic, new magic, lots of good things. I won’t go into it too deep here. If fantasy is your bag, you can find out more about the book at Goodreads, or download it for free from Smashwords for the duration of the Summer Sale.

I’ve got a special offer for anyone living in North America. The first person to publish a review of BREAK! on Smashwords (and feel free to post it on goodreads and Amazon, too) will receive a signed paperback copy of the book.

Yep. It’s a big book, might take a while… but I know there are some voracious readers among you. So there you go. First one to read it, review it, and contact me privately via twitter or the contact form on this blog gets a copy mailed to them.

Happy reading, everyone!