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Highly recommended tools for DIY creativity:

  • Gimp – Even YOU can make great images. Yes, you, the writer whose best attempt at a smiley face usually looks like a butt. Download, install, slug through some tutorials.
  • Make a planet! Other Gimp tutorials get boring. Follow this guide to learn some solid ins and outs of Gimp. And end up with you own planet, to boot!
  • Critters – an ace online writer’s workshop. Because you can’t trust your friends and family to give good, honest feedback. They read your stuff out of pity, and tell you it’s good to spare your feelings. Critters, on the other hand, will identify all your weak points without mercy, because they are utter strangers. You will wither, or become stronger.
  • Fontforge – Can’t find a cool font for your images? Make One! (A highly addictive pain in the ass – Just ask my wife!)

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