Polls are open!

An update on “Beneath White Clouds'” Inkshares campaign.

We start out week 3 with 22 orders – almost 10% of the way to Quill publication. WooHoo! That’s great, but we’ve got work to do yet! Put your name on a copy, and please help spread the word.

Now for the fun stuff. When working on cover art for this book, I couldn’t stop myself at 1. I had to go an make 4 conceptual drafts for the face of Beneath White Clouds.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, these are drafts, not finalized versions. Now I need your help to figure out which concept I should develop into a final version.

You get to vote! Follow this link to pick your favorite!

Which image grabs you? Which one looks the most like a book you’d want to pick up? Take your pick, then share the poll with your friends. Vote early, vote often, let your voice determine the face  of my next book.

Feel free to leave feedback on how you think the art could be improved in the comments at the end of the poll or on the Inkshares page.

Happy voting!

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