Excerpts from Beneath White Clouds

Here are some choice lines from my upcoming book. Director’s favorites 🙂

The Boss opened one of its little blister-pods, displaying a crackling, energized prod. “That is your work. Work is your function. Comply, Unit.” -02 – Grind Below

George spun and tumbled through the sky, screaming. He would have lost Comet but the dog, in a move of timely genius, had clamped down onto the extra flesh of his left moob. –03 – The Plunge

You’re here to stick your official bullhorn up my keester and speak my mind for me! -05 – Spin

“I watched them tear her up, and I saw what was in that swell. No cyst. No pus. She’s a fruiting shrub. Just like a Lord.” -06 – Swell Sickness

You make me nervous. You’re not safe. But I doubt anyone else will listen… -09 – Pushed to the Fringe

“You were fit to bend over and let it prod ya, just like the rest of us! Shiny do-nothings know they can make us do whatever they want!” -10 – The Mess

Maybe it was all the late-term donkey-rompin’ that addled your brain in-utero. I dunno. But you couldn’t figure out the first step of building a quad-blind self-nulling dummy account through a nested avatar interface, so I’ll make this easy for you. -11 – The Fringe Pulls Back

He stared up into the gold… and saw a glimpse of blue. Then the clouds shifted. The hole snapped shut like a bothered sphincter and left him in darkness. Modun fell back and wept. –12 – The Light Above

Oooohhh boy, I really should work on some dumber plans. -13 – Clever Espionage

“Organic constructs have a thing, I think, a drive, way down in the deep-down of ourselves, that wants to make more life. I don’t understand it. But the Bosses want to control it and they can’t. Not 100%.” -14 – Aberrations

“I can’t believe how far I’ve already gone down the road to crazytown. But no further.” -15 – Family Man

In the hours since as it attempted George’s mission objectives, the tiny, fuzzy, bedraggled robot had further edited its programming and enhanced its problem-solving capabilities. It had also developed a capacity for getting pissed off. -16 – The Scorn of Fuzzmutt

The Boss Unit spun about to block his path. “Repeat.”

Modun staggered to keep from running into the robot’s extended prod. “Nothing. Nothing. Flatulence.”

-17 – Back in the Saddle

“Next time you wipe your ass, make sure you get all the sunshine out.” -18 – Off-Balance

“Something unwanted. In my Plot. Our Plot!” Modun stepped closer to the planted rows, lip curling upward, the spade heavy and perfect in his hands. “Get it!” -Chapter 19 – Territorial Instinct

“Aw, cripes! Averting your eyes? Really? Is that what he’s doing?” -20 – Re-Plunge

“Bite him! Mom! Bite his face!” -21 – Criminals

“Arming these Units will not yield a cohesive fighting force.”

George shook his head. “I don’t want cohesion. I want them to get mad!” -22 – Calamity

“I’m not comfortable hearing such a sound justification for murder from my six-year-aaaaauuuugggghhh!” -23 – Rebellion

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