Crowdfunding begins!

inkshares-620x300I’ve hit the big red button!*

Aye, that’s right me lovelies, Beneath White Clouds is up, active, and funding.

Now I need you. Check it out, scope out the trailer, spread the word, and lend me your support.

I love this story, love the pace, the energy, the razor’s edge it walks between comedy and tragedy. I want to give this story the greatest entrance into the world I can manage, and I can do that with your help.beneath-white-clouds-cover3

*: It’s actually not a big red button. Small, clean, rectangular and green, if I recall. Did have the word “launch” on it, though, so that’s fitting. And I didn’t “hit” it because, you know, I don’t want to replace my laptop. It’s all figurative, you know? But you can dig that, cuz you’re into fiction. But maybe Inkshares should consider making it a big, red launch button?

But whatever! Travel yourself on over to Inkshares and give me some love, eh?

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