Intake Censorship

I’ve been feeling a drive to cut myself off more and more from keeping up with world events. This sounds bad, I know, like I don’t care. But I do care, I really do. All the crap we hear about going on, it hurts me. And what’s worse is what isn’t reported widely. You know? For every person killed or hurt in the West by some crazy person’s rampage, how many thousands are killed in the Middle-East? Africa? Asia? And how’s the murder  rate in America going, anyway?

We get all these reports on what will scare us the most, very few reports on the broader horrors going on daily in places further from the familiar  Western world. And then of course we get almost no reports on the acts and events of beauty, kindness, courage and joy which are probably also happening daily in the Middle-East, Africa, Asia, etc etc etc. There must be good in those places, but we don’t hear about it much. They’re just classified in our heads as names belonging to scary places far away where the bad things are. But that’s not reality. They’re real places, where humans live, and humans mostly try to look out for people around them and build better things.

So all the news is bad and I’m having to turn it down. It’s not isolationism. It’s self-preservation. I’m a creative person, and empathetic. I hear this stuff, and the sadness shuts me down. I don’t create much good, just maybe rants and diatribes about my position and opinion. This changes nothing – doesn’t effect anyone’s mind, doesn’t make anything better. And it makes me miserable in the process. So, effort expended to no effect, and I end up  miserable. Net loss.

I am a heavy believer in the power and divinity of human creativity. The best I can do for my species is make good things, lead a good life where I demonstrate as many fine qualities as I can muster, and build things that might last and bring joy after me. That’s what I can do to contribute to a better world. Butt it means I have to shut myself off from too much of the terror and turmoil.

I’m going to make an effort not to talk about the horrors and politics and shit with people too much. I’d rather hear from you how your heart is, and what you are trying to make.

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