SKUGG SMASH! – the Summer sale at Smashwords

coverJuly marks the annual Smashwords Summer Sale. From now until July 31st, you can acquire some great ebooks at deep discounts in any ebook format.

I’ve put my novel, “BREAK!” into the sale. If you don’t know, it’s a fantasy. There’s adventure, trauma, music, old magic, new magic, lots of good things. I won’t go into it too deep here. If fantasy is your bag, you can find out more about the book at Goodreads, or download it for free from Smashwords for the duration of the Summer Sale.

I’ve got a special offer for anyone living in North America. The first person to publish a review of BREAK! on Smashwords (and feel free to post it on goodreads and Amazon, too) will receive a signed paperback copy of the book.

Yep. It’s a big book, might take a while… but I know there are some voracious readers among you. So there you go. First one to read it, review it, and contact me privately via twitter or the contact form on this blog gets a copy mailed to them.

Happy reading, everyone!

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