Keep what you kill

I often listen to music while I’m writing that fits the tone I’m trying to evoke in the scene. Gogol Bordello for for a wide-open-heart charge-forward amd laughter-with-underlying-sorrow kinda story. The Bronx and Refused if I need the vibe to be desperate, ragged and anti-authority.

It’s like I’m putting together the soundtrack for the movie version that will never be.

For the book I’m currently shopping around, “Beneath White Clouds,” I listened to Covenant and The Gorillaz while writing the scenes in the shiny future above, Sepultura and Machine Head for the grit, fire and human waste below.

For the book I’m currently working on, for the first time ever I’ve created a Playlist. So if you want a taste of what “Arenzael Unchained” will be like, see:
-Ivan Bjornson and Einar Selvik’s “Skuggsja
-Metal Message IV (random folk metal comp)
Amon Amarth
-And some Dragongforce for the occasional injection of levity and artistic Nitrous Oxide.*

So that’s what’s driving this next tale. I don’t intend for it to be pretty.

*Dethklok only counts for levity when you hear the lyrics. The music is all top brutal.

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