Good Stuff: God’s War

god's warGrabs you by the face and doesn’t let go. I have never read a book like this before. Can’t even tell you if it’s a sci-fi or a fantasy. Doesn’t matter, because the story is great. Way-future setting in a culture gone so shattered that the dregs of high technology are seen as magic.

Nyx and Rhys both begin their journeys low, grievously wounded in more ways than one, and they come together broken, lost, and burdened by past sins. The setting of this tale is brutal, filthy, and unforgiving. The people match. You would never want to be friends with Nyx. And yet, set in the deep depravity of an endless, irrational war, her tenacity and twisted code of honor shines. In the hell of war, even a tarnished star seems to shine heroically.

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