Guns: Side-Stepping Through the Same Old Circles

So we’ve had another mass-shooting, another case of home-grown christianist terrorism. Yayyy us, right? It’s happened again, and our fearless leaders are babbling about the same old distracting issues, steamroller this tragedy into fodder for a political agenda that does nothing to solve the real problem.

I’m talking about gun control.

My disclaimer: I don’t own guns, don’t care about them, and I certainly think there should be limits and regulation on what private citizens can own.

But so what? That’s got nothing to do with what happened in Colorado. If that guy didn’t have a gun, he would have used a bladed weapon or a home-made bomb. Easy-peasy.

Politicians start shouting about gun control because that’s easier than forming a plan to create a society free of fearmongering. That’s the big issue. America needs to be a place where we love and accept people. America needs to raise citizens who have the maturity and intellect to co-exist with people they disagree with. We need our citizenry to turn its back on polarizing, radicalized ideologies and follow logic and compassion – if we did that, our leaders and our media would have to follow, to stop bellowing radical fear and profiting off terror and distraction and actually do some work governing for the progress and well-being of all.

At the very least, we need to call our leaders to task. Taking the guns away won’t take away the hate and drive to violence. We need to elect people smart enough to understand that.

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