Publication Announcement: Outliers of Speculative Fiction

51zoutym-ql-_sx322_bo1204203200_Dudes! This is so awesome!

I am exceedingly happy to announce my part in one of the most daring and exciting indie speculative fiction anthologies to bash its way into existence.

Open your arms wide and embrace Outliers of Speculative Fiction, an anthology project dedicated to publishing stories and authors outside  the safe zone of speculative fiction.

Be warned, the #Outliers hail from beyond the fringe of establishment sci-fi. We’re pushing the envelope. Crack this one’s spine to find stories by powerhouses and newcomers alike:

Cat Rambo * Cory Skerry * Tim Jeffreys * Kelly Dwyer * Eric Landreneau * Jetse de Vries * L.A. Little * Kayla Bashe * Anya Penfold * Dennis Mombauer * S. Kay * Gail D. Villanueva * Amal Singh * Kama Post * Heather Harris McFarlane * Kristin Jacques * P.E. Bolivar

Here’s how L.A. Little, Grand Poomba and Editor of Outliers, describes the collection:

The best speculative fiction stories end in surprising ways. Here are seventeen stories that not only end well but began in ways as wide ranging and surprising as the best twist endings.

The Outliers are 17 authors who view the fantastic through very different lenses of personal experience and imagination. They are well known and unpublished, they are men and women, they are straight and LGBTQ, they come from seven different nations and several races and distinct cultures. They all bring you stories from outside speculative fiction’s mainstream with voices as compelling as any and visions daring and unique.

From forgotten gods to downtrodden superheroes, from visions of imperfect futures to new mythologies for the modern age, these are The Outliers of Speculative Fiction.

Outliers is set for release on November 30th. You can pre-order the ebook now, and a print edition will be available On Nov 30th.

About my story:

It is called “Good Fire” aaaand it’s about Rock and Roll, Appalachia, brotherhood, fire, overcoming, transcendence, dirtbikes and sammiches, escape, spontaneous human combustion, depression, abuse, bullying, sheltering, enlightenment, rural drag, broken homes, drug addiction, creative constipation, grief, life death rebirth, brotherhood again oh and did I say Rock and Roll well I’ll say it again you must ROCK and ROLL until you BURN AWAY EVERYTHING THAT TRIES TO KEEP YOU DOWN.


I think that about sums it up.

Check it out.

The #Outliers are calling.

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