Good News Everyone!

FarnsworthChange is coming!
That’s a phrase some meet with trepidation, but not me! A little chaos keeps me jazzy!
Inkshares is going to shange how they do things a bit, and I like it.

The old: placing a pre-order = pledging to pay $10, should a project reach 1,000 pre-orders. In exchange for you pledge, you recieve both an e-bok and a paperback cop of the book you helped bring to life.

THE NEW: My project only has to reach 750 pre-orders to enter publication. Pledges will be higher – $20 for paperback and ebook, and $30 for HARDBACK and ebook.

YOUR CALL TO ACTION!!!Beneath White Clouds Cover
We’re having a sale!
Well, kinda-sorta, depending on how you look at it.
These changes take effect October 30th. All pre-orders placed before October 30th will count to the new, lower 750 pre-order goal, but they’ll still be only $10. So, all you good folks who were just holding off, waiting to place your pre-order clsoe to the deadline to give me that end-run boost… don’t do it! Now’s the time! Pledge your pre-order now, before the pledge rate doubles.

Here’s the place!

Go in for three or more, become a Big Lifter! If you dig this project of mine (and if you’re reading this, that’s kinda a foregone conclusion, right?) then go on and tell your friends! spread th word. If you love something , say it loud and share it with everyone you know who might also love it.

As Modun says in Chapter 22, “Love is plentiful. It will not diminish.” Why would he say that? You’ll have to read the book to find out. But in the meantime, share good things – their goodness will not diminish. And a book you like by an emerging author for only $10, well, that’s a good thing, ya?

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