Needing Readers for Dystopian Comedy Extravaganza!

Beneath White Clouds CoverIt is time! First draft finished at 85,000 words. 1/3 the length of my last book! I got a skinny baby!

Beta readers now wanted!

Duty of the beta reader: read and give feedback, from proofreading to editorial criticism. I wanna know what the book is like for real readers, especially if you don’t know me.

Benefits of being a beta reader: you get special first access and become more awesome through the effect of self-sustaining positive energy feedback cycle. Also you get the joy of seeing where you helped the evolution of a story from draft to final.

Detriment of beta reading: it can be hard and time consuming. There are annoying typos. You might have to tell me my art sucks.

Big rule: do not worry about me, just tell me anything you think I need to know. I have thick skin.

If you would like to help me out, let me know by emailing me .

Many many thanks!

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