“Beneath White Clouds” on Inkshares

bwc temp coverI’ve got a new book in the works called “Beneath White Clouds.” This one is a sci-fi romp about a man whose idyllic existence in a city in the sky is shattered when he falls beneath the clouds. What should be a dead, ruined world below turns out to be stranger than he ever could have imagined – and certainly nothing at all like the line he’d been fed by the man all his life.


George comes back up with an uncomfortable truth to tell and discovers everyone would rather question his sanity than admit to being party to evil. It’s so much easier that way.

What will you find in this book? Good stuff. Hackers, goths, bureaucrats, AIs, biomechs, GMOs, post-apoc, familial dysfunction, nostalgia, big dreams, dark consequences, a self-aware plushy toy who really just hates everything. At the middle of it all, a guy with the odd notions that the truth is good and slavery and genocide are bad.

Before self-publishing, I’m taking a chance on a radical new publisher – Inkshares. They’ve replaced the traditional slushpile with a crowdfunding model. If enough people pledge to buy a book-to-be, Inkshares says “A’ight, the people want this. Let’s edit it, shiny it up, and put it out there.”

It is neat.

Find Beneath White Clouds on Inkshares.

The project is up and running, collecting pre-order pledges. As of now I have the drafts of the first four chapters up for your perusal. Take a gander, make some comments. I welcome any and all feedback. If you’re intrigued, hit the ‘follow’ link to keep up with updates and new chapters. If you really like what you see, then please pre-order. And if you’d like to help me out, I greatly appreciate you sharing this project with anyone you know through all your favorite social media and good old-fashioned word-of-mouth.


Eric Landreneau

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