Refufgee Crisis – Think Long Term! Think Human-Friendly!

Europe’s freaking out with all these refugees coming in, who are people who don’t want to live somewhere that they’ll just get killed over stupid stuff. Some people don’t want to have the threat of imminent death as part of their daily life. Go figure. Most people are the same – they don’t want to be bothered with big issues, they just want to be left alone to interact with their local community and try to find some daily joy.

So Europe’s squawking and crying over all these people, trying to figure out if they’ll manage the situation as a Union or as separate squabbling states, and that jerk in Hungary isn’t making it any better with his talk of “Secure our borders! We don’t want you here destroying our Christian way of life, but now you’re here we won’t let you leave.”

That kind of talk makes me break out the old trusty Seth Rogen “Whaaaaaaaaaat?” face.

People, people, you’ve got to think about this long term, think about the evolution and progress of the entire species. And not just you, Europe. I’m talking at America, too, you squalling stagnant blowhard mess of a fractured ideal.


People run away from crazy stupid dictators and totalitarian extremists because people don’t like dying. People run to western democracies because there is a chance for individual respect and protection under the law. It’s nice, sounds good, yeah? Of course it does.

So, Western powers and all you countries that are stable and not creating refugees: Take them in! Take them in. Give them a home and work to do. Educate them and their children. Share with them your bounty. Over time discourse, letters home, repatriation, nostalgia, longing… all these forces will bring the ideologies of freer, more humanistic ways of life back to whatever messed up country they came from. Let the refugees and their descendants bring the cure back to their broken homes and fix them! And hey, while they’re here, maybe they’ll help us fix what’s broken in our own society. Believe me, there’s nothing like a little outside perspective to invigorate the collaborative thought processes.

But this sort of thing won’t happen overnight. You can’t just send these people back now and say “Fix your home, if it sucks so bad.” The people in charge off making their homelands awful are strong, armed and organized. The refugees are weak, disorganized, terrified. But if you, that is we, that is the good civilizations of the world, are ready to shoulder the burden of the long game, we can take these people in, give them safe harbor and help them heal and grow. And then, after many years, probably over generrations, they’ll be the ones to lead the change and healing in their own homelands.

(dumb blubbery voice) “Oh, but Eric, they’ll destroy my Christian way of life!”

So what if you suddenly get Muslim neighbors? Or gays, atheists, Baptists or mathematicians? Their presence does not inhibit your worship of Christ, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or whatever else you choose. Geeze, think a little.

(the voice again) “Errr! But whut whut if lots of them come in, and they take over with gangs and thugs in my town and there’s ISIS-wannabees in my own country? Derrr?”

Well, we’ve got skinheads and the KKK, so what’s the diff? So long as we as a society always work to CRUSH any person or group standing in the way of anyone’s personal liberty, then we can all get along. Such groups will always arise, from every sort of ideological background. We must chose to be smarter than them.

So, my stance: Kick off the stupid idea that you can maintain a monoculture, be it Christian, capitalist, Muslim, communist, or whatever. Make room in your mind and in your community for all (non-repressive) ways of life to mingle, and see if maybe sharing your bounty with those in need can maybe in the long run bring more human-friendly ideologies and policies into paces that are currently war-torn ugly messes. And into our own societies – let’s not forget our own flaws, eh?

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