Stuff I Know: Living with Writers

stuff I know v2If your significant other tries to convince you to support them financially while they “work on their novel,” it’s over. Don’t do it. Walk away. That novel is never going to happen.

Writing is hard work. If your paramour can’t handle the rigor of a day job, they won’t have what it takes to write a whole book. And they really won’t have the strength of character to endure listening too, appreciating and using criticism and editorial advice. Short story – that book’s a pipe dream, and your cherished artist is a mooch. Move along. There are plenty of good artists out there who also pay their bills.

Caveat: If you make enough dough to support the household, and your significant writer takes on domestic duties, then that’s fair too. All the cooking, cleaning, maintenance, childcare, etc., that comes with keeping a nice, clean home is completely a full-time job.

Also, I would love that.

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