Market Research: Inkshares

My fellow bloggers, fbbers and twits:

I just recently found out about Inkshares. I read the info they provide on this innovative publishing model. Basically they use a crowd-funding model to wade through their slushpile for them. When a book gets enough backers, they edit, clean, publish and produce, knowing that X number of people have agreed to buy the book. Seems awesome. Too awesome.

So I want to know 2 things:

  1. Have any of you used Inkshares? Do you have good or bad experiences?
  2. Can you recommend any book that Inkshares published? (I won’t necessarily read it, just use it as an arrow for research)

I had a lot of fun self-publishing BREAK! and was looking forward to the same with my current project “Beneath White Clouds,” a dystopian adventure-comedy. But ummm, maybe I’ll try tInkshares. Sounds like there’s nothing to lose, but I’d be daft to not do a little research first.

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