Duke Landreneau!

DucalAs the Kickstarter drive to fund the “Women in Practical Armor” anthology charges ahead, new donor rewards will be unveiled. There’s now a special contribution level flavored with Eric Sprinkles!

Anyone who contributes at the CAP level or higher ($12) will recieve a free ebook version of my novel “BREAK! A Tale of Cursed Blood” in addition to any other rewards applicable to their contribution level. Neat!

But wait, there’s more!

Contribute to the limited DUCAL level and you will be rewarded with real-live hold-it-in-your-hands-and-get-high-off-the-fresh-ink-fumes* editions of both “BREAK!” and “Women in Practical Armor,” both autographed by me, plus a slew of other goodies.

All for supporting the idea of women warriors in respectable kit.


*Intoxication from fresh-printed books is niether intended, nor possible. Any incident of intoxication occuring while handling either “BREAK! A Tale of Cursed Blood” or “Women in Practical Armor” is purely coincidental, and solely the fault of the individual. Neither EGM nor Eric Duke Landreneau can be held liable for any damages incured by operating books while intoxicated. You prat.

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