Random Abandon

real live book!I wrote the following letter in a copy of “BREAK!”

Dear Stranger,

Thanks for picking up this random book. You are holding one of the 8 original copies. This doesn’t mean you’ve found a treasure that’ll bag you a bunch of bucks on ebay. C’mon, I’d have sold it myself if that were the case. What it does mean is that this copy is riddled with truly mortifying typos. If you buy a copy of your own it’ll be typo-free. But, hey, this copy’s free-free.

I hope you enjoy the story. When you’re done, please pass it on to someone who’ll enjoy it, or leave it somewhere random for a stranger to find.

I invite you to contact me through my blog to tell me where you found it, and where you left it. It’ll be like wheresgeorge.com, but smaller, and with less wooden teeth. I also wouldn’t mind of you reviewed it on Amazon or something.

On the other hand, if you’re cold, you’ve got a lot of firestarter here.

Whatever the case, I hope this book brings some good to you. And if you want to create something, I encourage you to stop dreaming and start making.


Eric Landreneau

I dropped it off today at the Cedar Hills Recreation Center.

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