Stuff I Know 5: An Exercise in Hypocrisy

stuff I know v2“The Pope should not express opinions or views on politicized issues!”

“…except, of course, when his views support my agenda.”

A deviation from the writing-craft theme of my “stuffs I dun learned” but, hey, it had to be said, and was a good excuse to show off my jazzed-up Stuff I Know logo.

My thoughts? Those who will be hurt first and most by human-induced climate change will be the weak and the poor. It’s kinda established that religious organizations look out for those people. Also, on the scale of sins, biosphere-icide for the sake of short-term greed is probably right at the top, so yeah, that’s a moral/spiritual/salvation issue right there. If the Pope wants to join the ranks of people saying “If you see you’re causing harm, then stop what you’re doing.” well, that’s awesome. It’s going to take a big loud voice to create enough force to overcome greed. Guy’s got a big voice, and a big audience. Groovy.

I haven’t read the Encyclical, Laudato Si, yet. Might write a review when I do. It took a little jumping around to find it – Google will return more links to various media outlets’ responses to the document’s existence than actual links to the document. But here it is. Hey, Vatican, you should publish this as an ebook on Smashwords, KDP, outlets like that. Make it easier for people to read on the go.

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