BREAK! – Now available on your favorite e-reader.

coverFinally did it. My first novel is available on all your favorite e-readers.

“BREAK! A Tale of Cursed Blood”

Skugg Kragson could have been honored in his clan. A hero who broke a cycle of starvation. He would have had a beautiful wife. He could have been War Chief, High Shaman, or both. But that life is taken from him.

He is without home, without clan, without honor, and in less than a month he will turn into a monster, governed by the darkest urges of the deepest pits of his soul, beholden to a Demonic master from the nightmare realm beyond this one.

And it’s his own damn fault.

Stupid bear.

With time against him, demons without and demons within, Skugg flees his mountain home and cuts a path of mayhem across the Empire of Tangonia, facing mercenaries, monsters, strange machines and his own most-hated inner turmoil. He has one impossible goal in his heart – to find the source of his curse, and BREAK it into itty bitty pieces.

If you’d like to add it to your library, just follow the links below:

Amazon – mobi for kindle.

Smashwords – epub for every other reader.

You should also find it on your favorite ebook store for Nook, Kobi, Sony, Ipad… whatever else.

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